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About Services

Streamer Design Services:

  • Twitch and Discord Emotes

  • Twitch Panels

  • Twitch profile pictures and banners

  • Merchandise design

  • OBS Overlays

Cartoons/Vector Art:​​

  • Cartoons version of yourself

  • Comic strips

  • Game character

  • Vector illustrations

  • T-shirt design

  • Anime 

  • App icons

Graphic design: 

  • Logo design

  • Poster design

  • Social media kits

  • Stationery design

  • Brochures and flyers

  • Photo manipulation

  • Photo enhancement and more...

About me

About me Image

Hey Everyone! My name is Daniel, I’m a cartoonist and graphic designer from Montreal, Canada. My interest in art started at a young age, drawing cartoons that I used to watch and since then I haven't stopped. I enjoy being a creator, sharing new ideas, seeing things from a different perspective and improving concepts. I’m open minded and willing to try new things. I’m currently specialized in making logos and cartoons, but I have experience with video editing and pixel art. 


I’m a funny person and sociable. I have fun working with people, sharing thoughts, and delivering a more impactful final product. I am always up for a challenge, solving problems and if the task requires me to go beyond my expertise, I will do so. I’m always willing to learn and I feel like I’ll forever be a student. You learn something everyday and there’s always something to learn. 


I’ve graduated from the program Graphic Communication in St-Lambert College, and I have a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts from Concordia University. I’ve learned a lot from school but my curiosity brought me to new paths. With practice and determination I taught myself new set of skills, tools and softwares.


On my free time, I enjoy playing video games, solving puzzles, streaming, drawing, going for a walk, exploring the city, learning, reading comic books and webcomics.

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